Maintance & Storage

Ship & Store Program

Storage - Each costume is stored in a clean and environmentally controlled space that is protected by an electronic security system. 

Insurance - As an option, Milestone offers insurance protection for the costumes placed under its care. This insurance covers the costumes for their full replacement value for any damages incurred including, without limitation, fire and water damage and theft, while they are in Milestone possession and in its storage facilities, and while they are in transit. 

Dispatch - Milestones Costume Dispatch Services ensure that Costumes get where they need to go, when they need to be there; get returned after each use; and look great every time they go out. 

  • Coordinate the scheduling of the Costumes with Dole as follows: Maintain a calendar and schedule of Costume reservation dates. The calendar will be based on reservations sent to Milestone on our Costume Request Form from the brand owner. On a monthly basis, Milestone will provide to you monthly management reports summarizing Costume usage. 
  • Contacting on-site event manager in advance to coordinate and ensure a seamless event 
  • Professionally ready each Costume for use; 
  • Place a pre-printed, return shipping label in the box(es) 
  • Contact an appropriate shipping company and arrange for round-trip shipping; 
  • Track all shipping activity; 
  • Receive the Costume back into its facility; 
  • Unpack, inspect, clean, and make minor repairs to the Costume(s) and storage/shipping trunks for the Costume(s); 
  • Report any major damage to the brand owner; and in the case of major damage, provide you with a quote for repair or replacement. 

Talent & Brand Ambassadors - With a vast network of human resources throughout North America, Milestone is able to provide costume animators (the Talent), and required character escorts (the Brand Ambassador) at any event to which a Costume is dispatched. Having “Milestone People” at an event helps promote brand integrity, ensures safety, and maximizes the impact of the appearance(s). 




There are many costume manufacturers out there. But every costume build is different. A mascot costume can range from $2,000 to $10,000. How do you know which company is going to give you the best build for the right price. Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • Longevity - How many years do you plan on getting out of your mascot costume?
  • Quality - Higher quality mascot costumes offer internal fans for air circulation. 
  • Visibility - Proper visibility offers your mascot talent to give a better performance. 
  • Movement - Do you plan on using it for live production and choreography?
  • Shipping Costs - Do you plan on shipping this costume often? Does your costume break down for cheaper shipping costs? The difference between a 30" and 40" cube road  box could be the difference of $500 in shipping costs. 

Milestone has been working with the worlds top costume manufacturers for over 20 years. It is important for us to get you the perfect costume your first time around. The first prototype can always be tricky. It can take months of going back and fourth with approvals, but Milestone can help streamline this process. Once we know the clients vision, goal and budget we can help manage this sometimes lengthily process.