How To Build A Live Appearance Program


Bring your brand to life with custom live Events targeting your best customers...

Milestone is a full service event company with over 40 years experience in event production and live performances representing Fortune 500 brands internationally. Milestone’s reputation for leveraging Live Events to promote and enhance brand images is second to none. Our highest priority is given to implementing your Live Events Program while maintaining the integrity of your brand. 


Do You have existing costumes?

Maybe you have existing costumes and are unsure of their condition or locations. Most corporate offices have a mascot costume stuffed in the back closet. The first step in building a Live Events Program is tracking down your old costumes and inventorying everything to make sure they represent your brand properly. 


Turn-key Costume maintenance, Storage, Shipping, Tracking & Repair

Once all of your costumes have been inventoried and accounted for, we can  start building you a TURN-KEY program to offer your Sales and Marketing Team. It is important that every time this costume goes out, it looks great!


Build a 15 minute Pocket Show to add to your APPEARANCE program offerings

Have you considered adding audio tracks or music to your Live Appearance Program? We offer custom built pocket shows that feature your character(s) prior to a standard Meet & Greet. This gives your fans a reason to gather, rather than your standard "skip & wave".


We Don't Just Drive By, We Stop And Play

We have had HUGE success with promotional tours and experiential  marketing campaigns. We take your Live Appearance Program and send it out on a national tour hitting high traffic areas and media outlets.


Build a Broadway STyle Musical

Over the years Milestone Productions has built Broadway style musicals the whole family can enjoy. We offer services such as:

  • Script Writing 
  • Music Composition
  • Prop & Set design
  • Directing
  • Touring & Management